Wednesday, February 25, 2009

AUÁ autumn partnership with the artist Marcos Coelho Benjamim

Marcos Coelho Benjamim

The repetition of rhythms, graphical gestures and geometry characterizes this production. The artist utilizes materials with rough surfaces, such as old oil cans. The remaining wooden beams and planks from construction or demolition sites, and oxidized cones of metal, which are frequently styled fitted in wooden boxes.

Benjamim focuses on hardness and rough surfaces.

His work seems to provoke in the spectator the sensation of being ahead of the times, with his usage of cut and folded wood and metal. He uses ordinary plates, and transforms them into diverse surfaces that seduce the public.

As a master of great and small poetical constructions - that keep “experiences of a carefree childhood” -, Benjamim seems to dominate accurate measure, establishing himself as a master of minimalism.

He is a self-taught artist and an exponent of the contemporary Brazilian art, his works are found in particular collections, museums and institutions. Both in Brazil and internationally.

Exhibitions: XII Biennale International de São Paulo; XX Biennale de São Paulo, (Grand Premier); XXI Biennale International de São Paulo; Biennale Brazil Século XX (São Paulo); Begegung mit den Anderen (Germany); Johannesburg Bienale (South Africa); 1a Bienal do Mercosul (Porto Alegre) - solo: Galeria Anna Maria Niemeyer (Rio de Janeiro), Pulitzer Art Gallery (Holland), Katthleem Shields Gallery e Ambrósio Gallery (EUA), Galeria Ruta Corrêa (Germany), and more...

THE Autumn /winter

AUÁ 2009. New partnership. Marcos Coelho Benjamim

The clothes are deconstructed with minimalism, and to accompany this partnership of styles – various works of the artist are portrayed in digital print with a meticulous emphasis on the forms, ratio and textures. Several works are waivered, others are silk patchworks or designed of velvet. Shantung, jacard and embroidering make up the rest of the collection.

The raw material of this winter is composed of:

Hemp gauze. Heavy hemp. Silk satin. Silk with rustic hemp.

Pure silk chiffon. Pure silk georgette. Glossy cotton. Tricoline.

Taffeta. Bamboo mesh. Hemp mesh. Woolen mesh. Heavy wool.

Light wool. Papyrus. Paper fabric. Mohair